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About us
About us

Verona Luggage Room

Our location is inside an entrance hall of a historic building close to our partner, the well-known bookshop “Gulliver Travel Books” www.gullivertravelbooks.it , which is one of the oldest shops in town centre, the only one in Verona specialized in travel and tourism, with a wide availability of travel guides in several foreign languages and maps of the whole world, equipped with E-net service (ATM) to get money, a new automated banking.

Verona Luggage Room is area under video surveillance and safeguarded by our qualified staff to satisfy your needs and inquiries.
Luggage, travelling bags, schoolbags, strollers, shop bags, coats and everything that needs to be stored in the time you require is well-accepted.

The security of your bags is guaranteed by an insurance policy taken out with Unipol against theft, damage or loss, included in price.

Verona luggage Room

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